We are convinced that deep thinking and missional living are not at odds. In fact, it is our conviction that the more deeply you think, the more widely you’ll reach. In other words, if you set out to know God and his Word better than you know anyone and anything else, and enjoy God and his Word more than you enjoy anyone or anything else, you’ll live to spread a passion for his supremacy around the world.

We are committed to helping Christians think deep thoughts about God. The great God of the Bible has created us to know him. We know him through the world around us, but more importantly we know him through the Word he has given us. In our quest to think deeply about God, we must give ourselves to the study of God’s Word.

Yet, knowing God through the study of his Word is not a mere intellectual exercise. We do not think deeply about God simply to gain intellectual weight. It is our belief that God’s people are uniquely called to proclaim him to the all peoples of the world. In short, we think deeply because we are created to know God and make him known.

Mind & Mission exists to invite others into our attempt to think deeply about our great God. The exercise of thinking is tethered to and guided by God’s Word. And we think about God and his Word in order to know God and make him known around world.